Where the red one grows…

Where the red one grows…

As we entered the church doors, they ushered my son into the pastor’s office.  The rest of our family found a seat in the sanctuary.  This time, I wasn’t the preacher’s wife, I was the preacher’s mom.  My son was about to preach his first youth rally. The sanctuary was packed.  The praise and worship began and I frantically kept looking behind to see if my son had entered the sanctuary.  Was he nervous?  Where was he?  I know I’M NERVOUS…wait, I’m feeling sick.  Is he ok?  Should I run to check on him?  No, he’s grown up and about to preach, that’s silly.  So, I waited…eventually in one of my many glances back; I see him sitting a few rows behind me.  I sighed a small sigh of relief, but the main part was still yet to come.

There had been so much drama leading up to this event, was he too stressed for this?  Is this too much for a seventeen-year-old?  We had left early in hopes that we wouldn’t be rushed, but then there was traffic.  Then, we got lost. He had fasted, was he going to pass out from hunger?  I knew God had opened this door, but I’m a mom and worrying is just what I do in situations like this.

The time is here and now.  The pastor introduced my son and then he confidently took the pulpit.  What does a Bible Quizzer do when they are nervous?  They quote scripture.  He exhorted a bit and then powerfully quoted all of Psalm 23. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…”  With each verse, he became more passionate and calmer.  It was his sedative before he went into his message.  The Word of God was his ‘go to’ in this time of need.  The Book of Psalms was what he had studied a couple of years ago, but yet today it was as fresh as it was the ten months that he quoted it every day.

Is this really the little boy that Bro. Jesse Nash harassed over every quotation question when he was seven years old?  Is this really the young boy who grew up behind the buzzer…determined to either quiz out or error out?  Is this the little guy who worked out his resilience, sportsmanship, character, discipline, tenacity, and submission to authority behind red one?  Is this the little quizzer who felt relief and safety when he entered his licensing board interview with his quizmaster, Bro. Clay Strawn?  And then more relief when his junior quiz master, Bro. Mark Green, was another familiar face on that district board? Yep, this is that boy.

Friends, this is why we Bible Quiz.  I would not trade one minute or dollar spent quoting, practicing, or quizzing.

I have seen the Word of God be all three of my son’s frame of reference in their daily decision making on more occasions than I can count.  I often hear all three boys praying scripture in their prayer time.  I have seen my oldest, as he emcees a church service, quote from a reservoir of scripture that he has learned over the past ten years.

Yes, it takes hours a day to quote three experienced quizzers.  Yes, it costs quite a bit to travel to tournaments.  Yes, we have many other things vying for our time. But, I have no regrets.  As I approach the finish line to my years as a quiz mom, I applaud all of the other quizzing moms who are willing to invest in their babies and take the baton.

Quizzing is the best decision that this family has ever made.


About Mindi

Mindi was raised in Westlake, Louisiana and moved to the Houston area after receiving her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications in 1993. Mindi has been instrumental in all facets of growing their ad agency since its inception in 1999. She has worked closely with national level clients in developing and executing results-driven marketing initiatives. She is also co-owner of the renowned Medical Journal - Houston, a healthcare business newspaper, where she works as Publisher and Editor. In 2011, her family started a new church plant in The Woodlands, Texas. She counts it an honor to serve as pastor’s wife of The Pentecostals of The Woodlands where she shares her husband’s burden for souls and to reach The Woodlands community. She and her husband have three sons that are all actively serving the church. Mindi homeschools the boys and has an insatiable desire to see them saved and to be everything that God wants them to be. Due to her extensive research, the oldest son recently graduated high school with his bachelor's degree and the younger two are on track to do the same. To say that she is passionate about the family is an understatement. She has purposed to study family dynamics and is ever learning. She is a family junkie so to speak and is addicted to learning new ways to help her family and other families thrive. She enjoys researching and sharing her findings with everyone through her blog called The Fervent Family.

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