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The raw truth about raw milk


It’s Tuesday! Today, the boys and I become the ‘milk man’. We head up a raw milk co-op in our neighborhood. It is a little bit of work, but we are happy to do it because it allows us to have fresh raw milk delivered to our door straight from the farm! And unfortunately, we cannot get a pet cow at this point.
We started drinking raw milk over a year ago. Even though I had researched and read about the many benefits, at first I was still skeptical and almost leery. The first time I drove out to the farm and saw the little store right next to the actual cows, I had a reality check and caught a lady as she was getting into her BMW with her small child. I said, “Is this your first time?” She went on to explain how her child had some sort of disorder with her teeth and also digestive issues that could not be cured. However, they had been drinking raw milk for quite some time and her child was now healed. So, that helped me to override my germ consciousness and muster up enough courage to try it.
At the time, we were spending several HUNDRED dollars a month on asthma medications for my oldest son. So, buying a $10 gallon of milk seemed like a bargain if it would work. Well, it did work! There is a lot to RAW MILK, too much for one post, but we are believers in this house because we know first hand it works unbelievably for asthma and allergies. I know some have the opinion that we are the only living creatures that continue to drink milk after we are weaned from our mothers. There are also some statistics about the detriments of pasteurized dairy, which I wholeheartedly agree probably can cause issues because it has been boiled and tampered with beyond how God created it. I just know for our family we feel better about giving our kids raw milk than loading them on steroids and antibiotics. Raw, grass-fed, organic, unpasteurized milk has been the ONLY thing that has helped. So, for us it is hard to argue with real RESULTS.

If you decide to try it, then it is important to get your raw milk from a farm that uses organic practices. We have tried other farms, but did not see the results. If you live within an hour of Tomball, Texas, then we use Gramen Dairy Farm and now they will deliver within an hour drive from the farm. I started a co-op in our subdivision so that my neighbors can help me share in meeting the $40 minimum order and split the $7 delivery fee.

This is a bit of a long read, but it is a good article on the benefits of raw milk.