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Where the red one grows…

Where the red one grows…

As we entered the church doors, they ushered my son into the pastor’s office.  The rest of our family found a seat in the sanctuary.  This time, I wasn’t the preacher’s wife, I was the preacher’s mom.  My son was about to preach his first youth rally. The sanctuary was packed.  The praise and worship began and I frantically kept looking behind to see if my son had entered the sanctuary.  Was he nervous?  Where was he?  I know I’M NERVOUS…wait, I’m feeling sick.  Is he ok?  Should I run to check on him?  No, he’s grown up and about to preach, that’s silly.  So, I waited…eventually in one of my many glances back; I see him sitting a few rows behind me.  I sighed a small sigh of relief, but the main part was still yet to come.

There had been so much drama leading up to this event, was he too stressed for this?  Is this too much for a seventeen-year-old?  We had left early in hopes that we wouldn’t be rushed, but then there was traffic.  Then, we got lost. He had fasted, was he going to pass out from hunger?  I knew God had opened this door, but I’m a mom and worrying is just what I do in situations like this.

The time is here and now.  The pastor introduced my son and then he confidently took the pulpit.  What does a Bible Quizzer do when they are nervous?  They quote scripture.  He exhorted a bit and then powerfully quoted all of Psalm 23. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…”  With each verse, he became more passionate and calmer.  It was his sedative before he went into his message.  The Word of God was his ‘go to’ in this time of need.  The Book of Psalms was what he had studied a couple of years ago, but yet today it was as fresh as it was the ten months that he quoted it every day.

Is this really the little boy that Bro. Jesse Nash harassed over every quotation question when he was seven years old?  Is this really the young boy who grew up behind the buzzer…determined to either quiz out or error out?  Is this the little guy who worked out his resilience, sportsmanship, character, discipline, tenacity, and submission to authority behind red one?  Is this the little quizzer who felt relief and safety when he entered his licensing board interview with his quizmaster, Bro. Clay Strawn?  And then more relief when his junior quiz master, Bro. Mark Green, was another familiar face on that district board? Yep, this is that boy.

Friends, this is why we Bible Quiz.  I would not trade one minute or dollar spent quoting, practicing, or quizzing.

I have seen the Word of God be all three of my son’s frame of reference in their daily decision making on more occasions than I can count.  I often hear all three boys praying scripture in their prayer time.  I have seen my oldest, as he emcees a church service, quote from a reservoir of scripture that he has learned over the past ten years.

Yes, it takes hours a day to quote three experienced quizzers.  Yes, it costs quite a bit to travel to tournaments.  Yes, we have many other things vying for our time. But, I have no regrets.  As I approach the finish line to my years as a quiz mom, I applaud all of the other quizzing moms who are willing to invest in their babies and take the baton.

Quizzing is the best decision that this family has ever made.


My future daughter-in-law – PART 1


It is a steamy hot summer day at church camp and here I sit on the sidelines as approximately 700 teenagers worship God and make loads of memories. The week has been filled with sports, church services, and the notorious boy/girl discussions of who likes who, etc.…you know how it goes…

After all, these teenagers are all on the brink of adulthood…

After their education is complete and that initial career choice is made, many will consider one of the most important decisions of their life. Who will they spend the remainder of this earthly life with? Who will they build a family and possibly even a ministry with?

I could not help but ask myself, “Who will one day be my son’s wife?” Does she sit among the hundreds of campers that stand before me?

Version 2

Is she going to be a Bible quizzer who will one day coach and train my grand babies in the Word, even if they cry and whine?

I’ve spent my life training my boy to LEAD. Will she let him lead? Or will she spend a lifetime trying to tear that down? Will she be a leader? Will they learn how to complement one another?

With her, is it all about getting a boy or is it about finding THE BOY? You know, the one, that God has especially for her…my son.

He is purpose driven. He is working on advancing his education and his ministry so he will really have something to offer his family when the time comes. He is not really into dating. He doesn’t want to have unnecessary broken friendships and broken hearts. He really wants someone who feels he is special enough to be worth the wait… How many people will she be emotionally attached to before she finds him? Or will she wait and save her heart for him?

If he’s praying and worshipping at the altar, will he find her there?
He’s been taught to look below the surface. Surely, she knows it takes more than a fancy hairdo and a pretty dress to attract his attention?

He has strong convictions. Does she have convictions?

He has a prayer life. Does she pray?

He’s been homeschooled and he says he wants his children homeschooled. I wonder if she will ever consider it and more importantly if it will bring her great joy?

We are a close family. Does she come from a close family? Will our family divide when they marry or will it grow even bigger? I hope it grows and we have that daughter that we always wanted.

Just some of the questions that go through this momma’s mind…to be continued…