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Hooked on History


Before we learned about Veritas Press’ self-paced history, we did not enjoy history at all and honestly we felt it was just a bunch of boring memorization about wars and dates. We simply did it because we felt it was a requirement, but my boys enjoyed it about as much as taking Robitussin, the infamous ‘red medicine’.

Now, history is my kid’s favorite subject, at least for the younger two who are still doing this particular curriculum. They all agreed that this should be the first course that I reviewed as it is the unquestionable leader. I have recommended this to more families than I can count, and I have never heard anything but praise from my friends.

First and foremost, let’s cover the basics:

  • It requires ZERO parental involvement. Everything is done online, including grading and record keeping. AMEN to that!

-If Internet protection is a concern, we highly recommend a program called Covenant Eyes.

  • Veritas uses highly engaging visual and audio resources to deliver the content of each lesson.  This dramatically increases comprehension and makes learning fun. It is so much fun, you will be telling your child that they cannot do any more history until they complete all of their other subjects!

-Do you remember all of those dates that you were required to memorize in school? Well, I sure don’t. My kids do though! This curriculum teaches the timeline in a sequential way through a song. My kids can still sing their songs from previous years. According to Medical Daily, scientists have proven that music is stored in a different part of the brain. Researchers have even seen patients who lose all of their memory except the songs they had memorized.

-They have interactive games and worksheets that build the student’s mastery and keep the student engaged.

-The ‘teacher’ may be the talking Great Sphinx or an actual person dressed up as a Grecian. It is completely over the top!

  • It covers all of history from a Christian worldview and in chronological order.
  • There are five different courses that will cover from the Old Testament to present.

The breakdown is as follows:

-Old Testament and Ancient Egypt

-New Testament, Greece and Rome

-Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

-Explorers to 1815

-1815 to Present

  • They recommend you start this course in the 2nd grade and then finish it by the 6th grade. We were older when we first learned about this program, so we allowed our boys to do this course through the 8th grade. You could still complete the entire course if you started in the 4th grade and finished by 8th grade. If you start later than the fourth grade, then you can just pick and choose which time period you want to cover. I would not recommend it for high school, as it will not meet your state’s high school requirements. Although, my oldest son almost passed a practice Western Civilization CLEP exam after just taking one year of it in the 8th grade. LOL.

The best way, for you to experience this curriculum, is to click on this link below and watch a sample lesson. Make sure your kids join you as you watch it!

I do not know of any better tool out there to tie history to the Word of God in a method that is unmatched.